Almost every day, I’m lucky enough to get an email like this:

“I am a 41 year old mother of 2 that had given up on life, I had gained 105lbs. and did not care about anything. I lost my mother to lung cancer and my dad had a massive stroke and had to move into a nursing home. My whole life was turned upside down. I woke up one day and realized that while I was feeling sorry for myself and battling deep depression that I was killing myself androbbing my kids of a happy childhood with a healthy active mother and I was going to leave my kids in the same state that I was in – without a mother. I have lost 85# and crossfit 6 days a week, I am a whole new and different person. I am strong, healthy and happy and will be around for my kids for many years and I am setting the example of fitness and health for my kids. I eat, sleep, breathe, dream cross fit. My family now accuses me of being in the cross fit cult and being a fitness addict, but that’s ok with me, I’d rather that than be the fat, lazy, unhealthy mom I was. I AM CROSSFIT! ~Stacey Jenkins”

…or a comment like this:

“My friends think I’m crazy. But really, this has done more for me in two weeks than I got at [other local gym] in years.”

or even this:

“My chiropractor told me that I had to stop doing classes at ******* and come to Catalyst, or I’d keep having back pain forever.

People love coming here for different reasons, and they’re all good ones: the community is amazing and supportive. There are no mirrors; it’s not a runway. The workouts are tough…but fun, and addictive. There’s more knowledge per square inch than at the library.  Jump into any CrossFit group, and you’ll meet beginners, sharing bar space with elite. It’s great. 

The best way to start? To get a solid foundation, and answer the question, “What IS CrossFit, really?” : OnRamp.


OnRamp is our introductory handshake to the CrossFit world. It’s like bootcamp with brains: you learn new things every day, and then do a quick (but tough) workout. The Coaches are extemely well-educated, pleasant folks who smile big while they’re killing you. They care: they want you to find the life that they’ve found (and millions of others around the world, too.) 

OnRamp sets you up for a life of exercise. It gets you in a regular habit (3 times per week, for 2 weeks.) It brings you into the community (you’ll join our ‘Team’ and ‘Partner’ challenges on Saturday mornings.) You’ll meet people. You’ll sweat; they’ll sweat. All good.

Want a refresher, a tune-up, or a change? Try OnRamp. 6 evenings, small groups of 4 or fewer, one hour at a time. Movements, skills, knowledge. And then…the sky’s the limit.

(If you can’t make the group times, you can do OnRamp as 5 30-minute Personal Training sessions instead! Click here to book Personal Training appointments.)

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6pm

Saturday Mornings at 9am (optional!)

(can’t make all the classes? We’ll work something out: call Chris at 256-1344.)

You’ll like it. I promise.

Register online here, or call to chat more about it: 705-256-1344.