Pre-Games MiniClinics!

Dsc02935 In August, prepare for the Games (and life!) with our MiniClinics, in four disciplines:

August 15 – Olympic Lifting for CrossFit with Tyler Belanger – 10am
Get your cleans on! Be faster at Snatches, Crisper on Jerks…. learn strategies for higher-rep WODs and warmup strategies for max-effort workouts. Technique is EVERYTHING on OLY lifts – don't risk your PR, your time, or your shins! Spending 20 minutes with Tyler in early July, I added 10lbs to my personal best Clean – and it wasn't nearly the fight the old PR was. Definitely worth two hours of your time.

August 29 – Running for CrossFit with Mike Watson – 10am
400s and 800s are different runs – and require different efforts – than 5ks and milers. Learn Mike's secrets to stride, posture, cadence, and speed. This is a preview of a high-end clinic MIke will be producing in the fall. When I took this lesson from Mike, I completely changed how I ran, had a 200m PR, and was barely winded. The new technique requires practice to implement effectively, but you'll still have a month before the Games.

Running.crossfit.elements-784507 September 12 – Powerlifting for CrossFit with Chris Cooper – 10am
I was competitive as a powerlifter from 2003-2006, culminating with an appearance at 2005 AAPF Nationals in Michigan. I've done over a dozen meets, and when you're as naturally undisposed to strength as I am, you pick up ways to lift efficiently (and therefore increase your maxes!) Learn strategies for maximizing joint angles and leverages in the Deadlift, Back Squat and Press. Learn the difference between a CrossFit deadlift lockout and a PL deadlift lockout (as I did, the hard way, in competition!)

September 19- KIPPING FOR CHICKS WITH WHIT and Gymnastics for CrossFit with coaches from SSMGC!
Sault Gymnastics Club will provide high-level coaches for instruction in Muscle-Ups, handstand pushups, kipping, and various tumbling exercises at their facility in the John Rhodes Centre. Master the technical movements you haven't yet been able to do.  7am-9am at SSMGC (John Rhodes Centre.)

FEES: $20 per MiniClinic (or do all 4 for $75!) + gst.

Signup: 256-1344! Payment due at registration.