Stories From The Gym – June 2012

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Is it harder to motivate yourself in the summertime? Is it the heat? The hammock? The longing to be outside?

In a 'normal' gym, attendance is so poor during July and August that staff is cut back to minimal levels. Other fitness 'spas' shut down completely. We're not those guys.

We place our largest annual challenge at the start of September for a reason: to get you to USE your gym membership. To push your 'uncomfortable' button, and thereby make you show up all summer. Fear will make you do the fantastic. My advice: register early, and use the challenge to prod you through the tough days. Picture that hill, a 750-foot vertical gain….and then try to imagine what the SECOND event will be. We set the Games up to be challenging, but achievable. YOU CAN DO IT. Believe.

Sign up online here, or keep checking the site for information, athlete profiles, movement standards, and events!

Athlete Profile: Allison Prusky

On July 3, 2009 my 39th birthday I sat contimplating all that I had accomplished in my long list of life goals. I also thought what am going to do with the next 40 years of my life? How am I going to live my golden years? As I thought about my kids growing older I decided that I wanted to demonstrate to myself and my family that I was able to be an ACTIVE participant and not just a spectator in life. I decided that I wanted to learn to get active again. Then came the thoughts about how I would get myself from couch potato to being able to get active.
I was in the lunch room at work the next day and I was explaining my epiphany to my co-workers, Jessica and Trish. They had been working out at Catalyst and really enjoying the pain! Jess was working with Mike to organize a group of co-workers to do a cross-fit class after work twice a week. My interest was peaked, but I had serious doubts about my athletic ability….

Did Allison make it? Find out! Read more here.


Ignite Goes To South Africa

The success of our Ignite program, which combines intense (but fun) exercise with brain training, has been incredible. Since publishing our first book a year ago, we've been talking about the program, writing about it, running Certifications for CrossFitters, teachers, and therapists, travelling all over….and now, it's time for Ignite to have its own newsletter. With new Move-A-Matics classes starting for the summer, news about Forest Schools, research, new books, more Certification weekends…well, it's too much for this space. You can register to receive the Ignite newsletter here. In the meantime, here's a hint of what's to come in the first issue (released on Wednesday!):

Bottomup – Movement and Math in South Africa


Getting Started

Yes, it's pretty awesome to feel this good all the time. Starting is simple: just make a phone call, send an email, or drop by our gym in the Industrial Park. Personal Training is our history, our passion, and the core of our business. OnRamp is a group-based introduction to CrossFit training: if you want to try CrossFit, OnRamp is the BEST possible way to get started. There's a new group starting on July 4, with room for 6! Build a good foundation!

You can register for either online, or call 705-256-1344. You'll love it! 

Varsity Cup Results and NEW Varsity Open Gym!

The First Annual Varsity Cup was tremendously exciting! Thanks to CrossFit Genetic Potential for making the trip, and taking home the title in the Senior Division! Look for these guys and girls to make the trip for the Catalyst Games, September 9.

In Junior, our very own Catalyst Green Hornets managed to beat out the CASS junior squad. Awesome!

Best news of all: combined with the Midnight 5k, the Varsity Cup raised ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for the Echo Bay PS Playground Fund! Amazing job, everyone! I'm always so proud to be within the heart of this bighearted community at Catalyst.

TODAY is the first day of Open Gym for Varsity athletes! Kids aged 10 and up can train on their own (supervised by one of our elite coaches) from 11-12, and then stay for the lunchtime group three times per week, in addition to their regular 3x/week classes! More information here: Summer 2012 is Better Than Free at Catalyst!



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The Games is coming up; Varsity is behind us. There's still more in between! The Miracle Mile is one of our favourite local events all year, and we'd love to have you with us for this fun run. Click the picture for more details.

In a VERY important event, Miranda Mayhew has set up a 5k Run/Walk for F.O.P on August 11. She needs support, and it starts with awareness! Click here for more information on the facebook page. -Coop

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