Stories From The Park: Catalyst Fitness February 2013

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Athlete Profile: Bridget Maguire

Last summer, on a scorching hot Saturday morning, the 9am crew had just finished their warmup when two newcomers walked in for a tour. 
I showed them around, and invited them to stay after warning them that the workout was particularly arduous. They stood on the sidewalk, just beyond the giant door, and watched for a half hour. They passed me as they drove away – my face purple, my stride failing as I waved to their car. I thought, "If they come back, they've got guts. This is NOT what I want people to see on their first day!"
They came back. This is Bridget's story.
  Personal Training

CrossFit sets the tone in our Gym, but we've been a Personal Training facility since 2005. Our Trainers come in as the most highly-educated around, and continue to study while they're here. We train in science and trade in humanity, for less than other gyms. Why? Sustainability. We'd rather have you here for life than anything else.

Want help coming back from an injury; private one-on-one help to get started; or just the individual attention to help improve a specific skill? Click here to talk to a Trainer. No fee, no sales pressure. 

(Just want to jump into OnRamp? Click here.)


Athlete Profile: Greg Pettypiece

I was first introduced to CrossFit approximately 3 years ago by my friend and co-owner of Superior CrossFit in Thunder Bay. He was fairly new to it as well, but had told me I would love it and joked that I wouldn't be able to keep up with him. I accepted the challenge to join him in a WOD on a Saturday morning due to the simple fact that it was quite different from my old ass sorry routine that I would often do at the local globo gym. After our warm up and a 12 min AMRAP of pushups, air squats and what seemed like endless laps in a pool. I finally heard someone yell out time TIME!! I was exhausted, gasping for air, and still in the pool. After nearly drowning and struggling to make my way out, I couldn't believe how awesome that was .I quickly became more than hooked to this new "fad" of working out called CrossFit. Read the rest of Greg's story here.


Varsity Cup

Beginning Wednesday, January 30th, athletes from area high schools will compete in The Sport of Fitness.

With several teams already registered, schools can send one Junior Team and one Senior. There's no charge, and they'll compete at 7pm with the regular group.

Want to get your school registered, or get on the team? Click here.

Coming Up in March:

The CrossFit Open starts March 6 (but you can register beginning January 30 here.) Sign up, compare your progress against yourself and your peers worldwide! Do it to help our team – as we found last year, EVERY single rep counts over the 5-week span!

Ignite March Break Camps will be available for full days or half days. Call 705-256-1344 and ask for Melanie (or email her:

Chris and Ty will be delivering the Ignite NeuroMotive Certification Course in Corona, CA January 25-26th, and again in Westborough, MA on March 23-24. 


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Personal Training


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This weekend, Ty and I will be in Corona, CA to visit CrossFit Proper – a new Ignite Academy – and talk with teachers about using Ignite within their schools and gyms. I'll return home for two days, and then go to a high-level meeting in Seattle to talk about the future. Four weeks later, Ty and I will be in Boston, and then it will quickly be Regionals season. I'm lucky enough to be going to both Canada East and Canada West this year.

It's a lot of time away from the gym (and, even more importantly, my family.) But in the end, it will benefit ALL of us – every conversation, every long overnight flight. Looking forward to the next six months!

 – Chris

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