Today's Workout: 010513


200 air squats 
100 ring rows 
50 Handstand Pushups
100 Double-Unders
200 air squats 

One partner holds a plank while the other works.

This may look tough to a newcomer – handstand holds? Double-unders?!?! – but it's reflective of the infinite adjustability of CrossFit workouts. We call it 'scaling,' and it means that we have a suitable substitute for ANY exercise waiting for ANY level. Behind Mel's face are charts on the wall, showing progressions for every movement we teach. Coaches, too, are vigilant and quick to demonstrate substitutions.

For example, the first step to achieving a handstand pushup is a 'stinkbug' – hips high, elbows tucked, you'll perform a pushup on the vertical plane. Eventually, you'll move up to a pushup with your feet elevated and torso vertical. Someday, you'll graduate to a full vertical position against a wall. When you do, you'll be excited (we were too.) It's not a short road for most, but there IS a road, and it starts with today's workout.