Today's Workout: 030912

AMRAP20 minutes

  • 4 x Muscle Up
  • 8 x Hand Stand Push-ups
  • 12 x Pistols (6 ea leg)


Great stuff happening all over the place!

Here's Coop on CrossFit Radio (free MP3 download,) talking about the Green Army, Ignite! and the 321GoProject with Chris Spealler and Clay Weldon.

This morning finds the Catalyst Green Army in 12th in Canada East after a BLISTERING performance by Sally, Mel, Cam and Ty yesterday! Woot! The CrossFit Games leaderboard is here. Ty also sits in sixth in Canada East as an individual! Extra thanks to Drew Nadeau for helping judge at noon, and coming back to help judge at night, too.

Our favourite race of the year, the Mountain Maple, is on May 27th. Sign up for the facebook group here! We want to bring 50 people this year!

Yesterday, we made a wager with Element CrossFit and CrossFit Colosseum, who sit one and two places ahead of us on the leaderboard: 100 beer to the gym who does best in yesterday's workout. Earn your share of the loot: cheer and scream on Sunday! Noon until 2pm! We're doing an amazing job on this event, and some of our top athletes are still to go!