Today's Workout: 042011

Geoff Today:

UNBROKEN (if you trip up, restart the round):

10 double-unders

10 wall ball

20 double-unders

10 wall ball

30 double-unders

10 wall ball

40 double-unders

10 wall ball

50 double-unders

10 wall ball

The final two events for CrossFit Open 2011 came out last night, code-named 11.5 and 11.6. While they're both great events for the Green Army, 11.5, in particular, plays to our strengths and looks a LOT like something Coach Ty would have put together. Our Chest-To-Bar pullups, too, exceed the standard set by CrossFit HQ in most cases….

Thursday at 5:30 : the Green Army hits 11.5. Thursday at 7pm: the WOD is open to the Reserves AND the Catalyst community.

Friday: Fight Gone Bad! Flights starting at 8am sharp; Youth division at 11am sharp .Register online here, or call 256-1344 before noon today. Flights will be out this afternoon.

Saturday at Noon: The Green Army takes their last shot at 11.5 (we're closed on Sunday for Easter.)