Today's Workout: 042711

Row 1000m

10 burpees, 10 KB swings

Row 800m

8 burpeees, 8 KB swings

Row 600m

6 burpees, 6 KB swings

Row 400m

4 burpees, 4KB swings

Row 200m

2 burpees, 2 KB swings.

Congratulations abound today! First, to Lacy Belleau, who delivered Jackson Kane Belleau yesterday (7lbs, 1oz.) Nice lift!

Congrats to Eddie Cappelli, who pulled a 435 PR deadlift yesterday! Nice lift!

Congrats to Mike Watson, Kinesiologist! That's been a LONG road, full of late nights, studying between clients during a 15-hour day, and lots of stress. Nice lift!