Today's Workout: 062012

Sisters"Triple Crown"

Run 1 mile

75 Curtis P's (see below)

Run 1 mile

…for time.

Scaling: cut distances in half, do the Curtis P's with an empty bar.

Today: "Coyote And The Frost Giant," our Ignite Academy's Drama Class production, on the big mat from 6:30 – 6:45. Come and watch!

Yesterday, we confirmed details for Catalyst Games 2012: Searchmont Resort, September 9. Join the facebook group here while you're waiting for the 'official' post and site to be launched (or sign up here. Indie or friendlie? Doesn't matter. Register now and pull your team together later.) 

Next week starts a new round for the infamous Tuesday Night Group. A loose collection of friends has become one of the strongest (and longest-running) group of CrossFitting women in our history. Great atmosphere for beginners, great workouts for the driven. This is the group that launched Sally Moore, Games 2011 winner and Regionals competitor; it's the group that keeps bringing back Park legends like Mary, Gunz, Bobbi-Jo, Michele…all your favourite superstars. They're opening the doors to four new women. Know any? Let Sally know on facebook.