Today's Workout: 071712


Handstand Hold to max (2 attempts)

Weighted Pullups 3-3-2-2-1-1-1



30 Snatches (NOT ground-overhead) for time.

Choose a weight that will allow a quick, snapping lockout…not a press. 

It seems like a hundred years ago, but beginning around 2000, I was involved in an online discussion/research group called SuperTraining. Mel Siff personally moderated the 'list,' 20 hours per day. One of the most frequent contributors was Krista Scott-Dixon, who now writes the Stumptuous blog, a must-read. Whatever you're doing today, read this post by Krista. Then email it or share it…get it in the hands of ONE woman who needs to hear it. We know better. Most don't. This will surprise you (it did me) or maybe not: almost every day, we get a call or an email from a woman who says she "does CrossFit" at her gym, or at a bootcamp in the Park…."but we don't do weights because we don't want to look like men. Can I try your gym, but not the weights part?" Your friends need your guidance. It can't always come from me, unfortunately. Help a woman out today, please.

Another great read: Brian Shaw, the Strongest Man In The World.