Today's Workout: 082411

2000m Row For Time. (GP: 6:54. CR: 7:45.)

Rest 5:00

Max distance rowing in 1:00. (GP: 338m. VH: 365m.)

Rest 5:00


21-15-9 of:

Thrusters (95/65lbs)


…for time.

Above, the "GP" score is the time/distance posted by George Payne, a rower from UOGuelph who's been doing CrossFit with us this summer. Amazing. CR and VH – guess who? An amazing output from Vance in the 1:00 challenge yesterday, and by Carolle on the 2000m row on Monday! Happy just to row alongside these folks!

I've always been impressed with Michele Irwin…but last night, she moved into the 'Hero' category. At 7pm, while the CrossFit Group was mingling and warming up, she stepped across the invisible line between present and future. "I'm here to do Jiu-Jitsu," she said.  Brent gave her a gi, and she "rolled" along with about 20 guys while the rest of us gawked. Way to go, Michele! 

The most moving moments at Catalyst come not when someone crushes a sub-3:00 Fran, or a 450-point "Fight Gone Bad." Those things are awesome, but the REAL wins happen when someone does something they've never done before. Last night, it was Jiu-Jitsu. Every year, it happens multiple times at the Catalyst Games. You have 48 hours to commit to crossing that same invisible line as Michele….do it today.


Also awesome: Brent Rose showing up to roll with Steel City MMA. Brent is a VERY talented fighter from another club; having him in the room delivered on the philosophy of SCMMA, which is to bring the best from everywhere and learn from one another. Their club "contract" is just like ours at Catalyst: 1. Be nice to everyone. 2. Leave your ego at the door. Etc. Sweet.

It's been wild fun rowing with Payne this week, even though I can't really hang with him. Behind the scenes, though, Josh and Adrian have been BUSTING a move. Bad pun. But these two have really hammered the preparations for the expansion. Monday, they killed off a list that no mortal could finish in a day; they called and asked for a new one. I gave it to them. Last night at midnight, they finished powerwashing all the mats in the gym, moving cages and plates, and providing a small glimpse into the way Catalyst will look by September 1. Amazing, guys, and thanks to everyone who stayed and helped them. When you show up at 4:45am and there are still wet footprints on the floor, you KNOW you've got a solid team. I'm overwhelmed.

Brent is running free classes all week at Steel City – read their schedule, and then show up.