Today's Workout: 092011

Skill: Overhead Squats

Strength: Push Press 5-5-3-3-1-1

WOD: AMRAP in 15:00

1 pullup

1 handstand pushup

3 pullups

3 handstand pushups

5 pullups

5 handstand pushups

Above: Drew Nadeau and Lisa Proctor get their log on. Drew's been coaching a few groups in parks for CrossFit Sudbury, which is opening in a few weeks. Who's up for a roadie?

This weekend: the fire truck pull! Thanks Carolle for gathering not one, but TWO Green Army teams for the fundraiser! Fun starts at 10am Saturday…come watch!

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be the messenger for an amazing gift of generosity. Yes, there was cash involved, but the REAL gift was that one member of the Catalyst Family did something that permitted another member to continue with an act from which she derived joy, relief, and love. Thank you on her behalf. The ripple will continue for a looooong time.

Today: look forward to seeing the Top 10 Pics from Catalyst Games 2011…and then having to think about your vote for a long time (you can choose your top 3.) It's never been harder to choose a Top 10 than this  year. The art is AMAZING!