Today's Workout: 102811


Coco Mancuso, running legend. She does CrossFit; she won a half-marathon and dominated Run For The Cure (the winner, of course, in that one is EVERYONE.)

Y'know who else is pretty wild? Shane G. Shows up at 6am to do Fight Gone Bad yesterday. Didn't like his score. Came BACK at 5:30 to hit it again with Vance and Aryanna. Hit a PR score. Wow.

Today: Skills: handstand holds

Strength: Deadlift 5-5-3-3-1-1

Overhead squat / pullup ladder:

Do 1 overhead squat the first minute, and one pullup.

Do 2 overhead squats the second minute, and two pullups.

Continue as long as possible. When you fail to make your reps in a minute, start again at the next minute with air squats and pullups(starting from the last successful minute, not from 1 again.)