Today's Workout: 112611


It's a great day to celebrate your Catalyst Family!

First, if you haven't seen the Christmas Gift project yet, you owe it to yourself to look. WHAT a gift we'll be giving to our community this year! Thanks to the organizers! (Tree decorating volunteers needed….)

Tonight is the last night for swimming at the Rhodes pool! We're opening it up to ALL members (up to 30) – bring a kid! Just give Coop your name and you're in, compliments of Catalyst!

Of course, the most fun for most people all week is the 9am group today! Get in and try, with a team (we'll pick 'em for ya!):

In teams of 3 or 4:

100 ground-overhead, including squat (squat clean-thruster, squat clean-jerk, or squat snatch) – 65lbs. Each teammate must do at least 10 reps.


Each team member moves through the chipper, with only one person at a station per time:

Row 300 meters
15 Jumps over 24” Box
15 Pullups
30 Double-unders
15 Push-ups, hand must release from floor
40 AbMat  Sit-ups
30 yard Lunge

The first team to finish the whole thing is the winner!