Today's Workout: 120311

10 stations x 60 seconds -For Combined Total Reps 

 OverHead Squat (slosh pipe) – One works at a time

Partner Squats (back to back w/ arms locked) – Both work together

Floor Press 135#/75# -Bar must touch chest/ Full lock out- One works at a time

Push ups (at the top of each rep clap partners hand) – Both work together

Ball Slam – 10 feet apart – work together

Med ball toss Sit up 15# (5' apart) – Both work together

Single Arm Hang Position To Overhead Lock Out -53#/35# – One works at a time

Stretcher Deadlift 135/225#- Both Work Together

Thruster 95#/65# – One works at a time

Burpee Latteral Jump – Both work together