WOD 021109

45 Double-unders
135 pound Squat clean, 45 reps
45 Ring Dips
45 Double-unders

Ladies: you've got to lift weight to be fit.  Your grandmothers toiled: not at a boardroom table, but in the fields, the sheds, over the fire.  They didn't worry about osteoporosis; they were exempted by their work ethic.  You have no such luxury.  Our culture does not provide you with daily challenges of physical strength.  Where once physical toil built the muscle on which a high-powered, fat-decimating metabolic furnace relies, you're now left with no choice but to lift weights in the gym.
One preponderant myth in the fitness industry is that you'll get BIG lifting weights.  Getting 'BIG,' just like getting 'SMALL,' does not happen by chance or accident.  For a woman, becoming large and muscular relies heavily on hormonal supplementation and the precise dedication to gaining weight.  It won't happen unless you WANT it to happen.  This lady below, for instance, did not occur because a woman seeking to tone up her midsection accidentally did too many reps, or moved beyond those safe little pink dumbbells.

Being strong has its own benefits beyond the aesthetic, of course, but if your goal is based on personal appearance, rest comfortably in the knowledge that a woman who carries some muscle appears much lighter than she may actually be.  A fit woman walks taller, carries herself differently; her strength goes far beyond the physical.  We all know women are tougher than men; why are you scared to be strong?
Below: some Crossfit girls doing Cleans and Snatches.