WOD 060509

N513614178_2653413_5818274 Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

On July 18, 5 Catalyst Coaches will compete in the Ontario CrossFit Challenge in Oakville, ON, against the top 100 CrossFitters in Ontario.  Each Friday, we'll feature a profile of one of these Coaches as they prepare for the Challenge.  

Bio: I have been doing something athletic for as long as I can remember, gymnastics, swimming , dancing and martial arts to name a few. I started “CrossFitting” in March of 2008 as one of Chris’s original test subjects, Can’t stop drinking the Kool-Aid!


Weight: 125

Height: 5 Feet (that’s it that’s all!)

There should be a section for shoe size as it seems to be a common topic of discussion when my shoes get left lying around the gym!


Favorite WOD : Oh my, can’t think of any. I love them all, they are each a different challenge.


Strongest link: Can’t think of anything that stands out.

Weakest link: OHS and Snatch


Nutrition: Zone-Ish, still working on dialing all of that in, damn you chocolate! Looking forward to the zone challenge with everyone this June!


Training strategy: Main site WOD 3on1off, some CFE and swimming. I try and hit up the dance studio or yoga class for some stretching to keep up the flexibility.


Comments: Can’t wait to meet some CrossFitters outside of the Sault. We have a great group here but I can only imagine what is out there.  I don’t have expectations about where I will stack up against all the women in Ontario.  I have missed the performance aspect of dance SOOOO much and CrossFit has allowed me to feel the rush of performing again!  I am really looking forward to that!