WOD 081009

800m x 4; 2:00 rest between rounds.

Jerk (Split or Push) 1-1-1-1-1

Jerks may be done out of the rack; no clean necessary.

Above: some POSE Running drills.  Mike Watson will be teaching a mini-clinic on 'Running for CrossFit' August 29.  A new approach that will decrease training time, increase speed, and have you training smart, instead of long.  
On the 15th (this weekend!) is one of the most highly-anticipated Catalyst MiniClinics ever – Tyler Belanger's Olympic Lifting MiniClinic.  Who among us can't improve their Clean, Jerk, or Snatch?  Sign up quickly – 256-1344.
Here's the full list and details:  MiniClinics

Today at Cafe Natura – an unbelievable 100% local meal! 
Catalyst 100 Mile Challenge Menu Feature – Monday 

Valleyfield Mesculin Mix with Calendula Flowers and gooseberry dressing
Local Lamb Kebabs served with garden vegetable soup