100 Mile Challenge Starts August 1!

100_mile_diet_cover This past weekend, we took a glimpse into the soul of the Catalyst family.  In a very moving 24 hours, dozens participated in workouts all over the clock to help a guy they'd never met.  A great guy, sure, but a stranger.  Watson threw himself under the CrossFit bus in an attempt to help a buddy in the only way he could: personal suffering.  Many joined him. 

Being wrapped up in this amazing community has spurred not only heart, but brains: many of our CrossFitters and clients could out-do the average MD in their knowledge of exercise, metabolism, and nutrition now.  In June, 42 people immersed themselves in a nutritional plan bent on insulin control; we shared insight and knowledge that no book could ever provide.  We ate Zone-style.  We chose our meals carefully, but we focused primarily on timing, not necessarily quality (though it was usually excellent.)

We live in one of the richest areas in the world.  Within a 100-mile radius, we have grass-fed beef and bison, poultry, grain, vegetables galore, fruit that's the envy of the world…. and maple syrup too.

Read the original '100-Mile Challenge' from FoodTV (just skip over the Weight Watchers stuff… I, um, think we're a little past that by now…) Order the book online, if you like.  Study for a week.  And then, in August, we'll launch our own 100-Mile Challenge.  We'll provide a map and some resources, but it will help to come to the table prepared. 

We expect no one to eat 100% locally, at least not on the first try.  Instead, points will be awarded (and at least one family has already issued a personal challenge to another!) Winners will receive prizes.  All participants will love the experience, be better prepared for the Catalyst Games 2009, and will likely never go back to the way they were before.

The Zone Challenge was an eye-opening, life-changing experience for many of us.  I expect this will be the same – only more delicious.  Sign up today!

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