24-Hour Emergency Schedule

IMG_1587 On July 3, Mike Watson (Catalyst Head Trainer) will start on an epic journey: 12 CrossFit WODs in 24 hours.  He'll work out through the night to raise money for his buddy Mark Hunt – husband, father, kinesiologist – recently diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma.  Mark's doing a special treatment in Buffalo to try and save his life.  

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FEES: $10 per WOD.  Or use your punch card and we'll donate the funds on your behalf.

July 3
Noon (Downtown): 
100 Grand
In honour of local hero Sarah Grand

IMG_0738 ***all the rest of the WODs will be at the Park location***
Africa Qualifier
500m row 
Then 2 rounds of:
20 pullups
20 Thrusters
400m run
20 kb swings
20 box jumps
500m row

4pm: Jackie
50 Thrusters (45lbs)
30 Pullups

6pm: Run/Famers' Walk/Pullup Mayhem

8pm: Fran

10 pm: 5 Deadlift, 10 burpee x 5

10:30pm: EVERY SECOND COUNTS MOVIE! Bring a lawn chair and a donation to watch the CrossFit documentary!

MIDNIGHT: 5km run!  Bring green glowsticks! 


100 each of: Pullups – Pushups – Situps – Squats

3 rounds
12 BW deadlift
21 box jumps

7am: Norcal #1
500m row
30 burpees
10 shoulder to overhead (165/95#)

9am: Kelly (no introduction necessary.) 

11am: Josh
21 OHS
42 pullups
15 OHS
30 pullups
18 pullups

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