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It’s easy to want to workout in the spring. With blue skies and warm air, you feel energized and fresh.
Then it gets hot. And while old guys like me LOVE the heat (shorter warmups!) we all really like the lake. And barbecue. And ice cream.
We’ve always planned the Catalyst Games–now in its 10th year–for the end of summer so you can stay motivated in July and August. This year, we’re giving you a bonus.
The Catalyst Summer Bingo contest has begun! And any current Catalyst client can play.
Prizes include free Inbody scans, personal training sessions, shirts, CrossFit Games swag…and a bunch of other stuff! We’ll be giving prizes to the first person to complete a row (vertical/horizontal/diagonal) the first to fill a 3×3 square, and the first to fill the whole puzzle.
Here’s how to play:

  1. Download your card below, or pick one up from the Catalyst front desk.
  2. Complete the challenges on the card. Mark them with a big “X” when you do.
  3. We’ll give you tips to complete some of them (like “How to Write a Google Review”.) Tag Catalyst in your social media posts for them to count!
  4. Every couple of weeks, I’ll post a BONUS challenge.
  5. Turn in your card when you’re done! Physical presentation of the card is necessary in time-sensitive challenges (start showing up for the 6am group for a head start!)

Here’s your card: