Catalyst Games 2014: Push-Pull Chipper

In Event 4, athletes will have 4 minutes at each stage to complete the required number of reps. If they finish, they move on to the next 4-minute stage.
Stage 1: 60 pushups
Stage 2: 50 pullups
Stage 3: 30 HSPU
Stage 4: 20 bar muscle-ups
Stage 5: max distance handstand walk
Athletes will compete in heats of 6 at a time.
Teams will compete in a rotation: one athlete completes the pushups, another completes the pullups, another does the HSPU, etc.
Partners will alternate stations. If one completes the pushups in time, the next does the pull-ups, and the first does the handstand pushups.
Scoring: Total reps completed = total points. Last-place athletes go first.