Catalyst Games 2014: Visitors

First of all, THANK YOU. Thank you for making our event the one you drive for; call in sick to work for; and spend your weekend sweating over.
Our new gym is at 88 White Oak Drive East (map above.) Our old location (99 Industrial Court B) still shows up on some maps. We’re available at 705 256 1344 if you get lost.
We’ll be running Open Gym today (you could also call it ‘High School Reunion’) and you’re more than welcome to drop by, try the rig and other toys, visit with friends from last year, apologize for facebook creeping, or whatever else is appropriate.
Our Athletes’ Meeting is at 7:30 tomorrow morning. We’ll walk over to the start of the first event at 7:50; be warmed up and ready!
Bring your spectators/friends/entourage. We’re arranging the gym for each event to accommodate spectators (we just may shift them around a little.) Bags can be left in a designated warmup area (our Ignite gym) – you’ll see signs.
Plan for a full day. We have judges and scorekeepers who have volunteered their weekend to let you play. There’s a good chance this could go past 5pm, but we WILL start events earlier or later if the situation warrants. Be prepared.
See you tomorrow!