The Catalyst Games 2014

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Our seventh annual Catalyst Games will be on September 14, 2014. We’re seeking to test a broad base of fitness; events will be fun, but very challenging. Participants from any gym (or no gym) are welcome to compete.
This year, the Games will be split between two locations (with very easy walking distance from one to the other.)
The day will start early; if you’re traveling from out of town, be prepared for an overnight stay on Saturday (we’ll announce our host hotel soon.)
New this year:
‘Team” category – teams of two men and two women can compete.
“Partner” category – partners will use the same loads as the teams, and perform roughly 75% of the total work. Plan for a long day.
“Scaled” Teams and Partners – if you can’t do the weight, the time or the distance, you can still participate and finish all of the events! Slay the biggest dragon of all – fear of competing in public!
Register yourself, your partner and/or teammates here (separate entry for each person required.) More details on specific events coming soon!
History of the Catalyst Games:
In 2008, we opened our second facility, a 2000-square-foot no-frills CrossFit gym. We already knew that CrossFit produced a level of fitness unmatched anywhere else, but we wanted to see who else was out there. The first Games tested as broad a spectrum as we knew: a bench press/truck pull, a max deadlift, and–just to balance out all the strength testing–“Murph.” To make up enough competitors, coaches competed and we even pulled Crista Wardell out of a vendor booth to participate. There were 13 of us, and we gave away championship belts to six (one is still on display at the Park.)
In 2009, we blazed a new trail (literally) behind the Industrial Park, and mixed the events to produce one of our favourite Games ever. 2k trail run, clean and jerk ladder, 3000lbs overhead for time, and finally a 1-mile sandbag run with a staggered start. It was awesome.
By 2010, we’d outgrown our little gym and moved to the Bondar Pavilion. Husbands came to watch their wives, and signed up immediately afterward. I remember hanging rings from the big tent at 4am, standing on two plyo boxes in the back of my truck. Big Aaron broke into tears after the double-under/sprint event, and Mel Rose took the biggest bouquet at the end of the day. This was Cam’s first win, too, and our first time with out-of-town guests. Luckily, that tradition continues (we’re VERY grateful to have them!)
We went back to the Park in 2011. The expansion allowed a more diverse schedule, and we built in some SEALFIT stuff with logs and truck pushes and sandbag carries. It all ended in a ridiculous trifecta of Fran, Annie and Karen. This was our first year for kids’ events, and that’s grown immensely since. Team events too. We broke in the new Hub Trail with the first run.
In 2012, we packed up and headed north to Searchmont. One of the most memorable events of all times was the hill climb, and the scenery couldn’t be beat. Individual skills – softball throw, handstand walk, double-unders – were broken up for the first time, and team events took a huge leap forward. The muscle-ups on the massive entry portal were epic to end the day.
2013 meant back to the Bondar Pavilion with a new rig and crazier Team programming. It was a good mix of barbell and non-barbell work, including tire flips for time and a rowing buy-in on the first event (max clean and jerk.) We had over 120 entries, including our buddies from Timmins, CrossFit Sudbury, and a big contingent from Thunder Bay. The Teen competition was stellar, but the Junior Varsity division really stole the show.
This year, several teams will finish their Summer League with the Games. That means you’ll see teams of 4, teams of 2, and individuals crash it out in Rx and Scaled divisions. You’ll also see a Varsity and Junior Varsity Skills Day, where you can watch kids and teens do crazy stuff most adults can’t!
Admission is still free (but limited) for spectators. Bring cameras! Bring video! Bring the NOISE!