Catalyst Games 2015: Prizes

The top prize this year, as every year, is completion of the event.
However, we also award fastest finishers and huge efforts.
Winners of the Individual, Team and Partner categories will receive commemorative Catalyst Games 2015 medals, and have their name added to the Catalyst Games trophy, which is displayed in the gym.
Last year, we introduced some “special” awards, and they’re back this year!
“Best New Athlete” will go to the top-ranked individual Rx athlete who has never competed in a fitness competition before.
“Best No-Rep” will go the best “almost.” In the deadlift ladder, there’s sure to be a max attempt that doesn’t quite lock out (or fails some other movement standard) but has the crowd on its feet. Alternately, this could go to the “hail mary” attempt at a rep on any of the workouts.
“Spirit of the Games” is awarded to the athlete who elevates other athletes–and the entire event–through their presence on Games day.
“Best Lifter” is awarded to the winner of the Deadlift Ladder (one each for men and women.)