Catalyst Games 2017: Registration

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Every year, we celebrate our fitness at the Catalyst Games.

We celebrate by pushing the envelope; by trying workouts we’ve never done before, and rising to new challenges. We celebrate our fitness by testing it.

For some, the Games is our annual chance at glory. For others, it’s a solid reason to train hard and eat right through the summer.

The 2017 Catalyst Games will be held on September 16 at Searchmont Resort.

This is the 10th Anniversary of the Games, and we’ll be returning to Searchmont. You can guess what that means: a run up the big hill. But nothing is ever JUST a run, is it?
Last time, we had sandbags and burpee stations before the final sprint to the top. Will we repeat that event, or do it differently?

You have two options: to compete against other individual competitors, or to compete on a team.

Individuals: Men or Women Rx

Teams: 2 men, 2 women, Rx.

Teen: Rx

There’s also a “Blue Collar” category: for those who want to Get ‘er Done, put in the work, and go home to their deck. These folks (which would include me) are interested in completion, not competition. And we love that!

Want to test yourself against the BEST yourself? Love that too.

Register here for Individual or Teams!

Teen registration coming shortly!

T-shirt deadline is August 25!

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