Catalyst Games 2017: Team Events and Schedule

This year, the majority of competitors are on teams (love it)! The modifications to rep schemes and load for teams are very similar to the Indie events.
Start times are estimates, but athletes should be prepared to start earlier in each case.
Mary will have lunches available by pre-order ONLY.
Event 1: Clean and Jerk Ladder (8:30am start)
On the minute, every minute, athletes will move through a series of pre-loaded barbells, beginning with the lightest weight. Team score will be determined by the sum of all team members’ points in the event.
For example, if Vance gets 21 points and Cindy gets 12, and their partners get 16 and 18, the team total is 67.
See the full event details here.
Event 2: “16.5” (9:45am start, latest)

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Men use 95 lb.
Women use 65 lb.

Teams will perform double the reps of each, but can substitute athletes at any point with a hand tag. However, a team must rotate through all of its athletes in order before allowing any athlete to repeat; everyone must do at least one rep before tagging the next teammate.
For example, if Vance does 30 thrusters and then tags Cindy, she can do 12 thrusters and 10 burpees before tagging Partner 3. Partner 3 does 10 burpees, then tags Partner 4, who must perform at least one burpee before tagging Vance again.
For full event details, read more on the CrossFit Games site.
Event 3: Catalyst Games 2010 Event #3: (11:30am start, latest)
Sprint 10m shuttle – 50 double-unders
Sprint 20m shuttle – 40 double-unders
Sprint 30m shuttle – 30 double-unders
Sprint 40m shuttle – 20 double-unders
Sprint 50m shuttle – 10 double-unders
Full Suicide run: 10m – 20m – 30m – 40m – 50m.
…for time.  Cap: 8 minutes.
Each teammate must complete two of the rounds (including the full suicide run), but teammates can be rotated in any order. Teammates must tag the next teammate for them to proceed.
For example, Vance could do the 10m shuttle and 50 double-unders. Then he’d tag Cindy, who would run the 20m shuttle and do 40 double-unders. But he can’t run the shuttle and then tag Cindy to do the double-unders; he has to complete the full round.
Cindy completes the 20m shuttle and 40 D/U, then tags Partner 3, who does the 30m shuttle and 30 D/U.
The fourth partner does the 40m shuttle and 20 D/U, and then Vance takes the next round. Teams must stick with the same rotation.
Here’s the original event announcement from 2010.
Event 4: “MOUNTAIN MURPH” (2pm start, latest)
100 PRONE RING PULLUPS, then run up the mountain.
Stop at 4 prescribed points and perform 50 pushups at each.
Reach the finish line at the top for time.
Teams will split the 100 prone ring pullups any way they want, and then begin their ascent.
Teams will stick together on the run and perform 25 pushups at each point each.
Team score on the final event will be determined by the last-place finisher on the team (we want you to stick together.)
In general, Indie events precede Team events on the schedule. Event start times will mean the start of Indie heats. Since the majority of competitors are Team, your start will be very close to the Indie start time.
Teams will begin each event in reverse order of finish from the previous event (last place in event 2 goes first in event 3.) It pays to be a winner at each. Enjoy!