Catalyst Intramural Open: You're Drafted!

The draft is done. Recruitment is underway.
In the next few days, you’ll likely discover that you have even more friends than you thought. Boo, Linda, Shane and Philsy are currently fighting over you, and they’ll say anything to butter you up.
It’s a trap.
They don’t want your twenty bucks. No, they’re coming for your sweat, and they won’t rest until you sign up for the Open and swell their sweaty ranks.
The Open is for everyone. We believe that living like an athlete (even if you don’t feel like one) will lead to a better life. That life includes self-confidence and never taking yourself too seriously. Ergo, you’ll probably get a facebook message from someone calling themselves the Captain of the Chalk Monkeys this week.
Last night, we split the early registrants into four teams (see below.) By 8am today, ten more had been recruited for the Catalyst Green Army. By 8pm, you’ll be on the list, too.
Don’t hide behind what makes you comfortable. You’re off the couch; now come out in the Open. We wanna see you in the spotlight.