Catalyst Seminar Series: Scapular Stability

Our next Seminar Series is December 13th at 10:00:
“Scapular Stabilization” with Andre Riopel from Back in Motion Physiotherapy.
You won’t want to miss this! Get more weight overhead, save your shoulders, and avoid impingement problems!

You’ll find out:

  • what are the scapular stabilizers?
  • why are they important?
  • how can we optimize their function?

With Andre, it’s guaranteed to be an “active”  learning session.  If his name sounds familiar, you may remember him from the video below, taken five years ago…. and as the guy who is often in the news promoting cycling and an active life. You can read more about him here.
Come for 9:00am group and stay after. There’ll be coffee, but you may end up too busy to drink it!

Andre Riopel Interview from Chris Cooper on Vimeo.