Catalyst Summer League Event #5: Wall Ball A Muerté

This week, two teams will go head-to-head in a single-elimination ‘wall ball a muerté’ showdown.
One player from each team stands on each side of an obstacle wall. One has a medicine ball, and must squat and throw it over the wall to the other player, then do a burpee before it’s returned.
The player on the other side of the wall catches the ball, squats and returns it, then does a burpee.
The ball must be caught on the first bounce.
If a player doesn’t catch the ball on the first bounce, she’s out. The next player on the team steps in. Last team standing wins the match.
The ball must land within the square formed by the wall and its supports (you can’t huck it, or aim for the margins.) If it goes ‘out,’ the thrower is out.
Ten minute time cap: if, after ten minutes, both teams still have at least one active member, ‘sudden death’ rules apply: no bounce (catch the ball before it hits the ground.) Two minute time cap for ‘sudden death,’ and then 20-rep burpee race applies.
Rules: full wall ball technique required (squat depth, etc.)
Full burpees required. Chest and thighs to deck, clap behind the ears while feet are off the ground.
Both teams use a 10lb ball.
Points: 1 point for every opposing player eliminated, 1 point for a win. We’ll see two teams get 10 points tonight.
Safety: you might get hit by the ball. It’s safest to assume you will. Face the wall when doing your burpees so you’re aware of the ball.
The ‘no-rep-you’re out’ rule is also for safety. If someone doesn’t drop into a full squat, they can return the ball faster, placing the opposing player of being caught unprepared.
Two matches per team tonight, head to head (randomly chosen.)
First matches:
Walking Deadlifts v Johnny Appleseeds
Leftovers (if any) v Hensons
The Black Sheep v The Mules
Adrenaline Junkies v Beauties and Beasts
Second matches:
Leftovers (if any) v Beauties and Beasts
Adrenaline Junkies v Walking Deadlifts
Hensons v  The Black Sheep
The Mules v Johnny Appleseeds