Catalyst Summer League Event 6

Two teams will face off on a barbell ladder. As weights increase, so do the points earned.
Five bars will be set up for each team:
Each lifter performs a full squat clean thruster on the 65lb bar to start, then progresses through the bars as far as possible. When they can’t perform a squat clean thruster with the next weight, they go to the back of their team’s line and the next lifter begins from the 65lb bar.
There’s a strong incentive to hit higher weights. In past weeks, strategy (high reps vs. heavier weights) leaned toward lower weights. This week, a team with big lifters will have a big advantage as points increase dramatically for each bar:
65lb – 1 point
95lb – 2 points
135lb – 4 points
185lb – 8 points
225lb – 12 points
Time cap: 10 minutes.
Lifter 1 – “Amber” – does the 65lb bar and earns her team 1 point. Lifter 2 – “Betty” – does the 65lb bar and the 95lb bar, earning 3 points. “Charlie” makes it through the 185lb bar, earning 15 points. “Donny” does the 65lb bar, earning 1 point. Then “Amber” goes again and makes it to the 95lb bar with 20 seconds left on the clock. Team total points is 1+3+15+1+1 = 21.
One team member is allowed in the ladder at a time.
Lifters may rest between attempts, but the clock keeps ticking.
The thruster and squat clean can be separate movements, but don’t have to be. However, if a lifter pauses after the clean, they have to squat again to initiate the thruster.