Catalyst Summer League Event #7

This may get a little rough.
Your team will do “Fran” head-to-head against another team. The first teammate will do 21 thrusters and pull-ups, then the next will do 21 of each, etc. Then each member will do 15 thrusters and pull-ups, then 9.
So far, so good. Right?
Except there’s only one pullup bar to be shared between two teams.
The first team to finish their thrusters and reach the pullup bar starts their pull-ups. Unless they drop, the other team waits their turn.
“Black Sheep v Mules”
Lise goes first for the Sheep; Philsy (does he even have a team left?!?) starts for the Mules.
Both do 21 Thrusters.
Lise is done first. She hits the pullup bar. Phil stands around, fuming.
After 12 pullups, Lise needs a break. She drops. Philsy hits the pullup bar and links 21 pull-ups, then tags the next person in his group. They start doing 21 thrusters while Lise finishes her pullups. Then she tags Glen, who starts his Thrusters.
Obviously, the team to hit the bar first will have a large advantage, but it’s not insurmountable. Your team’s depth will be a critical factor here.
First team finished (best overall time) gets 7 points. 1 bonus point for winning your heat.
Heat assignments issued at 8pm sharp.