Catalyst Summer League: Event One Recap

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The 20-minute time cap was the real winner on Week #1.
While deadlifts were relatively easy for many teams, the handstand pushups (or wall walks) slowed everyone from the first round. After watching the first teams push hard just to reach the round of 15s, teams in Heat 2 shuffled their order to put their fastest first.
Top scores came down to total reps instead of finishing time. The Black Sheep took Heat 1 with 179 reps, despite their reduced time cap (17:00 for a 3:00 penalty.)
Beauties and Beasts started aggressively, but Rutland was forced to do his HSPU in singles almost from the start, and their first athlete didn’t get back to the wall. Beside them, the Mules kept pace but were only able to give Linda Clargo enough time to hit two HSPU.
She quickly switched allegiances to the Appleseeds. Whit, Ty, Linda and Cam finished the first round of 21s in under 10 minutes, and almost made it through the 15s before time expired. Though surprisingly low, the scores from the first week show just how close the race will be in the future, when teams face different challenges and will undoubtedly match their strategies.
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Pictures from Week 1 will appear in the ‘Catalyst Summer League’ album on our facebook page this morning.