Catalyst Summer League Event Three

Your team will start with empty hands.
Time cap: 12 minutes
Run 400m, carrying 2x matching plates, 1xbarbell, 2x spring collars. The team must stay together.
Upon return to the gym, set up a bar for a bear complex:

  1. Power Clean
  2. Front Squat
  3. Push Press
  4. Back Squat
  5. Back Push Press.

Every member performs one rep of the full bear complex with the weights carried by the team.
More weight can then be added, but all plates to be added must be first carried 400m.
65lb bar – 1 point per bear complex
95lb bar – 2 points per bear complex
135lb bar – 3 points per bear complex
185lb bar – 5 points per bear complex
Equipment can’t touch the ground outside, but may be exchanged between team members.
Each team member can carry only one piece of equipment at a time.
Return trips are allowed as necessary, but each team member must make at least one trip with equipment (one can be clips.)
Teams can use any barbell they like (please don’t go heavier than 35lbs on the alumalite bars.)
First plates carried can be of any denomination, but only 2 plates can be carried on the first run.
Example: The Black Sheep run with two 10lbs plates, a bar and clips. Coop carries the bar; Boo and Lise each carry one plate; Glen carries the clips.
When they return to the gym, everyone does a round of “The Bear” after assembling the bar.
They can choose to go heavier, and do. While Coop and Glen get rounds of “The Bear” with 65lbs, Lise and Boo carry two 25lb plates down the road and back. When they return, Coop and Glen get reps at 95lbs. They decide not to do the 45lbs plates and just keep going until the clock runs out. They switch back to the 10lb plates for Boo and Lise at the 10:00 mark.
1. Johnny Appleseeds v Hensons
2. Black Sheep v Walking Deadlifts
3. Beauties and Beasts v Adrenaline Junkies
4. Mules v Leftovers
Note: “The Leftovers” team is comprised of spares and anyone else who shows up to try the League. It could be different every week–a potential spoiler–and their points count like every other.
Scoring details: read this.