Catalyst Summer League Event Two

“The Five Points” – five AMRAPS to make the world spin faster.
5 stations, 8 minutes at each. Get as many reps as possible, then transition to the next.
Station #1: Squat cleans – 135/95
Station #2: Rope climbs
Station #3: Toes to Bar
Station #4: The Wall
Station #5: Push press – 135/95
At each station, team members will rotate through reps on a predetermined strategy. Each team member will decide, in advance, how many reps to do each round before passing the bar to the next teammate. Reps can’t change between rounds. Each member of the team must perform at least one rep per round.
For example, The Black Sheep might take this strategy on Toes To Bar:
Coop – 5 / Glen – 10 / Boo – 8 / Lise – 10. Total: 33 points per round.
In the five-minute window, the Sheep cycle through as many times as possible. However, Coop must complete all 5 reps before Glen begins his 10. If Coop stops after 3, the team waits for him to finish his 5.
Another example: The Black Sheep take this strategy on rope climbs:
Glen – 2 / Boo – 1 / Lise – 3 / Coop – 1. Total: 7 points per round.
If the team finishes one round and Glen can’t get his second rope climb, we end with 8 points.
If Coop can’t get his rope climb and the team doesn’t finish a complete round in 5:00, they incur a penalty of 5 reps.
Every athlete must perform at least one successful rep of each exercise on each round.
Scaling: 3 point penalty for decreased weight (115/75 squat clean,) 1 point penalty for using an aid (box, human) on the wall. All other missed reps stop the team.
“Can’t we just do one rep each round per teammate?” Yes. It will be slower, but you can.
“What if I can do 10 reps in the first round, but can’t keep that pace up afterward?” Your team waits for you in the second round.
“What if I need help to get over the wall?” Your team gets +1 for getting you over, then -1 for helping. Net score zero. But you still have to get over it for them to continue.
“What if we just have Cam do all the rope climbs?” Every team member must do at least one rep per round.
“Can we change the number of reps we do each round?” No.
“This will be harder than I thought at first.” That’s not a question.