Competitions At Catalyst – Winter 2009

We love competition, even against ourselves.  Our Strength Coaches make people strong; our Trainers make people fit.  What better way to test your progress than against your old PRs?

In 2009, our goal is to have a unique physical challenge each month.  As we progress through the year, our goal is to add instructional and information-based events to the physical challenges.  For instance, how would a seminar on Olympic Lifting right before a Clean and Jerk competition be?  We think it would be great – for competitors and non-competitors alike!

Our calendar for 2009 thus far:

January 24th: Push/Pull Powerlifting Meet

Our two favourite traditional Powerlifts: bench press and deadlift.  3 attempts at each, rules available by clicking here.  Belts allowed, no bench shirts or singlets.  Bench press as per IPF rules – pause on the chest, wait for the 'press' command, then press.  

February 7th – Olympic Lifting Meet

3 attempts at each: Clean and Jerk, and Snatch.  Let's put these platforms to the test!  Rules available here.  We recommend watching the demo videos available at Virtualmeet – the difference between a 'Jerk' and a "press" is small but could result in a lift being disqualified.
March 14th – Murphy Challenge
It's one of our favourite WODs – "Murph" – done in a different shade.  Green, that is.  Dark green is good, Catalyst Green is better.  The race: run a mile, then perform 100 pullups, 200 pushups, and 300 squats in any order.  Then run another mile.  First across the line wins the Big Green Something.  

Think you've got a better test of fitness?  Let us know!  We take the suggestions of our athletes seriously.  One word of caution, though: first to call the workout DOES the workout!

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