Event Two Recap

“That was a LOT of fun!” – everyone
Though the math after the event was hard, correctly estimating your capacity beforehand was probably tougher. May thought they could have done a few more reps; some regretted their choice while standing over a bar while their team stood waiting.
Notable appearances were made by Cassandra Bin (who just showed up and threw down!) and the Walking Deadlifts, many of whom were participating in their first event at Catalyst ever.
The work of the non-Rx participants can’t go unnoticed either. In many cases, an athlete would have to hit 3 reps on a push press or clean just to get a score of zero, and they’d do so for 7 or 8 rounds to keep their team in the game. They made huge contributions even though their score didn’t reflect their efforts. Awesome job!
The Johnny Appleseeds were far ahead of the pack, but Event Three will be a great equalizer, and there’s still plenty of summer left.
Pictures are uploaded to the Catalyst Summer League album (thanks, Robin!)
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