FranFest 2011 Bracket

6277394908_01bec25e4a_oFranFest 2011 tomorrow!

A GREAT mix of teams this year – we have more competitive athletes than ever before (due to their hard training in the last year) and a LOT of exciting rookies. As always, I get MOST excited for the timid first-timers…but that's me.

For the first year, we're not requiring pre-registration OR a separate event fee. Many partners have been good enough to pre-register, and they'll go first.

The event starts at 9am. We'll take turns, in groups of four teams at once.

First round: combined score (Partner A = Partner B.) The clock doesn't stop; Partner A does 'Fran;' when they drop from the last pullup, their partner does 'Fran.' Their score is the total time from the first thruster rep of Partner A to the last pullup of Partner B.

The fastest 8 teams from the First Round will be invited to participate in the Second Round.

Second Round – Alternating 

One partner will perform 21 Thrusters and 21 Pullups.  When they finish their final pullup, their teammate will do 21 Thrusters and Pullups.  The first partner then performs 15 Thrusters and 15 pullups; the second partner follows with the same, and this is repeated for 9 reps of each by both partners in the same manner.

The fastest 4 teams from the Second Round will be invited to participate in the Third Round.

Third Round – Strengths (aka Best Ball Fran)

One partner will do the 'Thruster' portions, and the other will do all of the Pullups for one round of "Fran."  The "One Bar In Hand" rule applies: if one partner is doing Thrusters, the other may not grab the Pullup bar until the barbell has hit the floor after the final repetition (it doesn't need to be at complete rest.) Likewise, the Thruster bar may not be re-gripped until the partner doing Pullups has dropped to the ground after their last repetition.  In other words, only one partner may have their hands on either bar at any time.

Fastest team – first to finish – is winner of FranFest2011


Instead of Scaled categories, competitors will face a time handicap for using less than Rx'd weight for Fran or doing modified Pullups. 

Pullup Handicapping: Chin must clear bar or rep will not count.

Use of purple band assistance for pullups (user provides band): 1:00 Time Penalty

Use of Prone Pullups (rings or bar, chin to wrists) : 1:00 Time Penalty

Thruster Handicapping: Athlete squat below parallel on each rep and come to full lockout for a rep to count.  Rx weight: 95lbs men, 65lbs women.

NOTE: There will be no medicine balls allowed this year to check for depth. 

Use of lighter weights (75lbs men, 55lbs women): 1:00 Time Penalty

Use of much lighter weights (55lbs men, 35lbs women): 2:00 Time Penalty

Wanna compete with your kid? Absolutely! They can choose either a 12lbs bar, a 25lbs bar, or PVC, and even do Jumping Pullups! For safety's sake, teams with kids under 13 will participate only in the first round (the changeovers become more chaotic in the second.)


Josh and Jill are partners. Josh can do full pullups but cannot use Rx weight, so he uses 75lbs instead.  Jill can do the Rx weight for women, but relies on prone pullups.

Team Time: Josh 6:55 "Fran" + 1:00 Thruster Handicap = 7:55

   Jill 4:52 "Fran" + 1:00 Pullup Handical = 5:52

TEAM TOTAL : 13:45 for the first round. 

Second Round: Combined Alternating Time: 12:20 + 1:00 Thruster Handicap + 1:00 Pullup handicap = 14:20 for the second round.

Third Round: Combined Time: 5:15 + 1:00 Thruster Handicap + 1:00 Pullup Handicap = 7:15.

Teams may elect to change strategy between rounds OR during rounds (ie may switch to prone pullups mid-round, but still takes the 1:00 handicap.)

FranFest 2011 Preregistered Teams
Carolle Anna
Mario Whit
Esther Chris
Armand Andrew
Ed Philsy
Dan Elliot Sarah Schulz
Steph Charity
Cindy Vance
Karl Charmaine
Deb Devyn
Andrew Christina
Emma Horner Nichole Kinzel
Kath Fryia Ray Gowlett


Shane Gillespie

Michele Irwin

Kaitlyn Ollson

Sally Moore

Pam Didonato

Want to join in the fun? Just show up! Our regular 9am class IS "Fran" – well find you a partner!