Are You Happy Now?

Last month, we did something wonderful.
As a gym, we rowed over FIVE MILLION metres. More important than black numbers on a LCD screen was the commitment, pride and joy around the gym. People showed up and sweated more than they ever have before. They reached a goal that seemed impossible in December…and usually, they kept going after passing the finish line.
Excitement, pride, and thankfulness: that’s what I felt from day one. Like Spealler and his fitness, I’ve been asking myself, “What am I gonna do with all this gratitude?”
Then I remembered the lesson of the back roll to support.
I was there when the video was shot. The important part was cut out: Coach Glassman walking into a room full of creative media types, listening to our new leader and friend Marty. First he said, “Wow.” at all the faces, the talent, the swollen right hemispheres and big frontal lobes. Then he said, “C’mon over here to the rings.”
CrossFit HQ’s media office has a giant television, many computers, a mountain of triceps, and a set of rings dangling from the roof. It also has Greg, who grabbed a few volunteers and talked them through the back roll to support. A few got it right away. More got it on their third and fourth attempt.
After each successful lockout, Coach told the staff member to write their name on the whiteboard behind them. When he had five, he challenged each to coach everyone else. “When you coach a person and they get this down, write their name under yours. Let’s see if we can get 30 by Christmas.” The holidays were two weeks away.
That’s when the idea of “Fit It Forward” week was born.
This shared model of fitness–I teach you, you teach a friend, and we can all play–is the inspirational part of CrossFit. It’s the difference between the ingredients and the cake. Fun and learning: that’s what all other programs are lacking, what you can’t get at home, what you can’t explain if you haven’t done it with us. Most days, I can’t believe globogyms are still in business. And that guy teaching “crossfitness?” Don’t get me started.
The beauty of CrossFit isn’t the colourful bumper plates, or women doing pull-ups. It’s not even the “wod.” The beauty is, “Let me show you how to squat, friend.” The beauty is CARING. We care enough to learn more, to tell you when you can do better, to share. And everyone can share.
If you’re happy about your January, or joyful because of this week, you don’t have to hand out our business cards. You don’t have to refer seven others. Instead, I want you to teach your best friend to squat. If you care about them, teach them how to do an honest-to-God, heels-down, hips-back SQUAT.
I’ll even give you a prize. Post a picture of your friend squatting to our facebook page tomorrow, or email it to us, and they can do OnRamp for free ($199 value.) It has to be good–you’ll have to teach them–and it has to be tomorrow. But if they do one good squat, they come to Catalyst for free.
Can you think of a better gift to give your best friend, your husband, your boss? I can’t.
Here’s our facebook page. You can email us a picture at You can call us (705-256-1344) and we’ll give you a number to text with a pic. Submit by 9pm on the 14th, please.