Heroes Week January 25-30


 Heroes aren't without fear.  Rather, heroes act in spite of fear. 

At Catalyst, we believe in Heroes.  We believe in role models; in setting an example; in leading, coaching, and pulling others up.

CrossFit celebrates heroes, sometimes, with 'Hero WODs' – a memorial tribute workout, usually very challenging, in honour of fallen firemen, police officers, and soldiers.

At Catalyst, our family has its own set of Heroes.  Some, we've met.  Some, we've used for inspiration.  All, we've grieved.  This is our week to celebrate their triumphs, to affirm our own struggles and successes, and to draw on their stories to get us through the Longest Week Of The Year.  

In a world where it's getting harder to ride off into the sunset, we're showing you the horizon; we're giving you the spurs.  It's up to you to take the reins.

5 days, 5 Catalyst and CrossFit Hero WODs, plus a special event
 on the 6th day.  We've got a party planned for all our members on Saturday, January 30th also: watch the 2009 CrossFit Games with us!  

Decry the workouts.  Celebrate the heroes.  Call their names, scream at the weights, leave your own mark – in chalk and sweat – on the floor.

Monday: "100 Grand" in honour of Sarah Grand.

Tuesday: "Scotty" – in honour of MCpl Scott Vernelli.

Wednesday: "Tillman" – in honour of Pat Tillman.  One of the greatest Hero stories of all time.

Thursday: "Nate" – a local favourite.  Get your muscle-ups on!

Friday: "Randy" – first CrossFit WOD we ever did at Catalyst.

Saturday: surprise WOD and CrossFit Games 2009 movie at night!

Some of these workouts are scary, it's true.  All of these folks, despite their valour, were scared.  They acted anyway.  Do the right thing.

Entry daily by punch card.  Heroism earned after the "GO!" command at the user's discretion.


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