Location, Location, Location

The 2015 Catalyst Games will take place at Runway Park on September 19.
11667246_925047617557057_1880065824_nBuilt for motocross racing, Runway Park creates a whole new world of opportunity for testing fitness…or the opportunity to try some of the best fitness events ever held.
11667030_925047787557040_1001925625_nEvery year, the Catalyst Games selects the Fittest Man, Woman and Team in Northern Ontario. We test a wide scope of fitness: endurance, stamina, accuracy, strength, power and agility. Our tests aren’t specific to CrossFitters, but CrossFit athletes (naturally) fare best across a wide spectrum of functional movements.
The new location will provide more fun and creative challenges, but one thing will always stay the same: the most fit will win.
Beginner? Intermediate? Your goal will be just to finish the challenge. Our motto, as always: Fin’ it or Win it.
Register online here. Event details will be painstakingly drawn out for maximum drama over the next few weeks.