Murph Challenge – March 6!

"Murph" is a CrossFit favourite – it's definitely one of the longest WODs, and also one of the hardest. Combining aerobic exercise with calisthenic, it's appealing to non-CrossFitters because of the lack of heavy weights or technicalMurph skill required. Say go!, run far, split up your pullups,pushups, and squats; and stumble home. Simple.


Run 1 mile

100 pullups

200 pushups

300 squats

Run 1 mile

….for total time. The pullups, pushups, and squats can be split up as you see fit.

It's a great challenge for first-timers: just finish. For the veterans: go faster than last time. Outlast. Some consider it the perfect test of fitness: strength, anaerobic capacity, and aerobic endurance. We just think it's a big, green party.

New this year: an early group for the "Timids!"  7am start for never-evers who esire only to finish!

Mass group start: 98:30am

TEAM Start: 10:0am!

This year, we'll allow teams of 3 to participate as one unit.  The team must run together on both miles, and complete a total of:

200 pullups

400 pusups

600 squats

…for time.  Team members may split up the work in any way they wish.  Any age may participate if parents  of CAtalyst Teens want to make it a family event!

9am, March 6: 2nd Annual "Murph" Challenge

All welcome!

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