Midnight 5k 2012

SheaThree years ago, Mike Watson lay himself on the train tracks for a buddy, and started a Catalyst tradition. Every year since, we've run 5k in the middle of the night – sometimes in the snow, sometimes in the rain – and had a blast doing so.

This year, we're making it an evening.

Starting at 8pm, the Catalyst Varsity Tournament will pit teams of youth from local High Schools and our CrossFit Kids program against one another in 3 events.  Teams won't know the events until that evening, but Coaches will be provided a list of potential exercises involved. Skills needed will be kept low (well, maybe) and the most fit team will come out on top.

At 11pm, adults and teens are invited to participate in our first Pump 'N Run: bench press your bodyweight before heading out on the run. Every rep achieved nets you 30 seconds off your 5k time; winner is the one with the lowest overall time (run minus bench press bonuses.)

At midnight, of course, we head out for a 5k run through the darkened city streets. It's flat, it's late…NO ONE sees you. Wear glow sticks, or run barefoot if you like. It's fun.

Best part: this year, the $10 entry fee goes to the Echo Bay Public School Playground Fund. 

Register Online here, or call 705-256-1344.