Midnight 5k

I know about a dozen good reasons you should run a 5k.
And three MORE reasons to run it at midnight.
First, there’s no pressure. No one will see you. No one will PR (well, actually, that happens sometimes.)
Second, it’s nice and cool. One year it even snowed – yep, in July.
Third, it’s freaking midnight! How long has it been since you saw 12:00:00 on more than just your VCR?

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A bunch of beauties at midnight in 2010.
We started the Midnight 5k in 2010 to raise money for a local school that needed a playground. THIS year we’ll be supporting a local school trying to dominate nature’s playground.

The Algoma University Cross-Country team is coached by our own Coach Cam! Many of the coaches at Catalyst have “pet projects” (mine is a hockey team) to which we donate our experience and time. Cam helps young runners get faster. And they need our help. So…late bedtime!
No registration necessary.
Donation: $10 per person
July 29, 2017 – 11:45pm
5k self-paced (but we’ll give you a map!)
Wear reflective clothing, and we’ll bring the glow-sticks!