Murph 2011 Heats – Tentative

 Odieatmurph OK, Catalyst Family: it's time! Many of you will have a sharp dose of reality when you see this list; don't worry. I've been through it, and there's not a single person who's incapable of completing Murph on Saturday!

Since we've got a large turnout again, I'll give you until the end of the day to request a different time spot. We'll accommodate you if possible. As you can see, each spot is FULL, and so moving you will also require moving others. Luckily, things always have a way of working out at these things, so don't hesitate to ask for a different spot if it's absolutely necessary.

It's still not too late to sign up! Register here online, or call Chris at 705-256-1344. If I missed you…sorry! I'll get you in there.

Prizes: Fastest woman: CrossFit Lisbeth shirt.  Fastest man: Autographed Jason Khalipa / Team Rogue shirt!

Second-fastest man and woman: 12 months of drywall-kicking. "Eight seconds! Why did I rest on that 12th round of pushups!?!?" Regret ALSO makes you eat your broccoli.

Third-fastest, etc.: COMPLETION of frickin' MURPH!

Murph 2011
Anna Cappelli
Carolyn Tomchuk
Christine Ferguson
Charmaine Kennedy-Lillie
Karl Kennedy-Lillie
  8am – Timids
Adriana Romano
Sandy Bunting
Lori Bychko
Nikki Bychko
Jodie Hubley
Corey Hawke
Betty-Lou Mancuso
Sally Moore
Mary Gillespie
Sarah Schulz
Andrea Guzzo
Leann Givens
Nicole Guzzo
8:45am – Regs
Sally Moore
Kyle Campbell
Armand Capisciolto
Patty Desjardins
Stephen Findlay
Rich Leblanc
Nancy Leblanc
Miranda Mayhew
Mary Gillespie
Deb Love
Shane Gillespie
Nicole Mitchell
9:30am – Square Pegs
Michele Irwin
Vance Henson
Devyn Henson
Brent McMillan
Phil Strickler
Cam Wilson
Troy Woods
Jeremy Paquin
Stacie Wildman
Carolle Robinson
Ed Cappelli
10:00am – Kids (under 13)
Kiera Scott
10:45am – Dregs
Tyler Belanger
Chris Cooper
Dan Smith
Andrew Hafler
Charity Henson
Chris Prager
Dan Elliott
Rob Shaughnessy
Chris Stone


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