Murph 2011: Heats

Here we go! 40 hours until Murph starts! These are the FINAL Heat placings for Murph, with the exception of kids (they can sign up on Saturday morning.) We're staggering the heats 45 minutes apart, but don't worry: there's no time cap. Since there's no limit to the people we can put on the road, though, we'll overlap some heats for the run portion if necessary.

Murph 2011
Anna Cappelli
Carolyn Tomchuk
Christine Ferguson
Charmaine Kennedy-Lillie
Karl Kennedy-Lillie
Steph Parniak
Bobbi-Jo Brownlee
Sarah Creedon
8am – Timids
Adriana Romano
Lori Bychko
Nikki Bychko
Jodie Hubley
Corey Hawke
Betty-Lou Mancuso
Dan Elliott
Patty Desjardins
Sarah Schulz
Andrea Guzzo
Leann Givens
Nicole Guzzo
8:45am – Regs
Sally Moore
Kyle Campbell
Armand Capisciolto
Troy Woods
Stephen Findlay
Rich Leblanc
Nancy Leblanc
Miranda Mayhew
Mary Gillespie
Deb Love
Shane Gillespie
Nicole Mitchell
9:30am – Square Pegs
Michele Irwin
Vance Henson
Devyn Henson
Brent McMillan
Phil Strickler
Cam Wilson
Jenn Woods
Jeremy Paquin
Stacie Wildman
Carolle Robinson
Ed Cappelli
10:00am – Kids (under 13)
Kiera Scott

Rachel Woods

Mackenzie Monaco

10:45am – Dregs
Tyler Belanger
Chris Cooper
Dan Smith
Andrew Hafler
Charity Henson
Chris Prager
Lisa Proctor
Rob Shaughnessy
Chris Stone
Sandy Bunting

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