Murph 2012

7047703547_e8d41b7120_oThe biggest mental challenge of the year, "Murph," is upon us in 8 days (April 14.)

In past years, this has been pushed hard as the anti-Games: six months away from your physical best, how fit are you? After the Catalyst Games, do you start training right away, or wait 9 months to start ramping up again? Are your New Year's Resolutions still pushing you?

Every year, we tell people that the benefits of doing "Murph" are far beyond the physiological blood, sweat and tears. "Murph" is a mountain: after you've climbed it once, you'll always have it in your back pocket. Other workouts will seem easier, and in the hot days of summer, when the hammock is calling, you'll recall your personal triumph on a cold April morning and change into your workout gear. When you have self-doubt; when the scale lies to you; when the barbell feels heavy: you'll have "Murph" there, reminding you of your greatness.

We only do this once per year, because it's hard. But we do it EVERY year, because it's hard.

It's also a lot of fun – kind of an annual Family Picnic. Dripping with sweat and pride, you'll see folks having a "cheers!" outside the gym by 8am. We've seen tears of joy EVERY year for the last five years. Think you can't do it? You have the most to gain.

This year, already, 40 people have signed up just on "Murph"s reputation and legacy. It's a tradition. It's later in 2012, but never TOO late; it's still early spring, but you're never TOO green for "Murph." Anyone can do it; the elite can race it. 

Register online here, or call 705-256-1344. Scared? Join the "Timids" group at 7am, long before the braver ones arrive. You can use your CrossFit punch card, or pay $10 at the door.


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