Murph 2010 – Official Movement Standards and Rules

Murph March 6, 2010

1 mile run100 pullups

200 pushups

300 squats

1 mile run

*pullups, pushups, and squats may be split in any order.

Start Time:

Timids (never-evers, and the shy types): 7am at the Park.

Open (everyone doing it solo; this is the MAIN group): 8:30am at the Park.

Teams (up to 3 members): 10:00am at the Park.

#1 Goal: survive.  Celebrate afterward.

#2: Do it as Rx, or closer to Rx than you've ever done it before, even if that means a slower time

#3: Go for the board!

Performance Standards and rules:Murph180

1. 1 MILE RUN – the run will start from the large door at the Park.  Athletes must be touching the front wall of the gym at the start.  You'll run to Industrial Park Crescent and turn right.  You'll turn left at Drive-In Road, and continue until you reach the first Kal-Tire driveway on the left side.  You must pass the fire hydrant.  We'll have cones ready.

2. PULL-UP -
All pull-ups must start from a dead hang (elbows completely extended)
and end with ch
in above the bar. Any pull-up variation is acceptable as
long as it meets the defined range of motion.

– The athlete must s
tart from a full lockout (elbows and knees,) and
lower until chest and thighs both strike the ground, before returning
to full lockout.  Failure to touch the floor with both chest and thighs
at the same time, or failure to completely extend
the elbows will count
as a missed rep.

4.   SQUAT
– The athlete will descend until the crease of the hip is below the
p of the quadriceps.  That means thighs parallel to the floor, at a


1. Pullups with bands – BYOB.  Pullups must still reach 'full hang,' with arms fully extended.Bodyweight rows – chin must reach the wrist on every rep to count.

2. Pushups from knees – available if necessary.  If the athlete starts with full pushups but switches to partial pushups partway through, their time will count as scaled.A 'Murph' that's scaled in any way is not eligible for the record board.  But it will still make you feel good!Web

TEAM options

Each time must complete:

1 mile run

200 pullups

400 pushups

600  squats

1 mile run.

Runs must be completed as a unit.  Reps may be completed in any order, in any increment, by any group member.  However, ONLY TWO GROUP MEMBERS MAY BE MOVING AT A GIVEN TIME on the pullups, pushups, and squats.  One group member must always be at rest.  The group's time will be determined by the last group member to cross the line.

If you're not competing, make noise!  This is a very spectator-friendly event, and anyone who's participated will tell you that hearing their name helps push through a very tough set of pushups.  Stick around and cheer for the others.  Celebrate the mutual success of a good Murph!

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