Nurses' Week 2010

Nursesweek I like my nurses the same way I like my airplane pilots: rested, happy, stress-free.

One of the greatest tragedies in medicine: our nurses are exhausted, overworked, understaffed, and possibly unsafe.

Rates of nurse burnout and depression have never been higher.  Nurses are sicker themselves than they've ever been.  They're getting overuse injuries; they're carrying the load of two.  And they're usually smiling their way through it anyway.

Nurses need help.

This year, we're going to take action.  During Nurses' Week (May 10-15,) nurses may attend any CrossFit group at either of our locations for FREE.  No charge.  We want you to feel better; to get stronger.

We don't want you to risk injury every time you flip a patient, or succumb to cortisol-induced cravings for sweets at midnight.  We want you to have an outlet for stress. 

On Saturday, May 15th at 11am, we'll host a Safe Lifting Clinic for nurses and healthcare providers (also 100% FREE.) Save your back. Save your knees.  Learn to move people (and yourself) more effectively.  Our Trainers are schooled and experienced educators in workplace ergonomics, safe lifting and loading practices.  We're also big fans of nurses.  

Catalyst family: you can help, too.  Join us for Nurses' Week workouts.  Welcome and thank the nurses you meet.  In the long term, keep working to lighten their load.  It's up to us.

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