No Pain/No Grains Challenge 2015!

This January, we’re going for consistency.
First, rowing: get into the gym every day. Row 10-15 minutes as your warmup or cooldown. Achieve 100km in 31 days. Can’t make a day? Do double the next.
Second, eating: get rid of grains for January. No hacks, no ‘full paleo,’ just dump breads, cereals, pasta and other flour-based foods.
Here’s how we’ll get started:
On Monday, December 29 attend a one-hour rowing clinic with Gavin Grant!
Rowing clinic: 12pm.
Next, Jessica Sally will explain the rules of the Eating Challenge in a special video delivered on the 29th. Included in your registration will be a daily nutrition logbook for tracking your meals.
Eating Seminar: Video.
Participation in the Challenge is encouraged for ALL Catalyst clients, and open to future Catalyst family members too! Cost is $30, and includes both clinics as well as the challenge (and a chance to win some cool stuff!)
You’ll need an Open Gym membership to do your rowing during non-CrossFit group times. Sometimes the daily WOD will incorporate rowing; not always.
Register online for the No Pain/No Grain challenge here.
Joining our team from far away? We’ll record both seminars and post them in the facebook group.
Then, join our team on the Concept2 website by clickinghere. Let us know you’ve joined through email ( Send us the email address you used to register, and your Ranking ID# in the email, please!
*this is a lie. There’s pain.